It's Q4 and time to train!

It's Q4 and time to train!

Now is the time of year when many department heads and managers will be planning what to do with their budget surplus before the end of March, or face losing it from next year’s allocation. I am told by finance departments that this is not supposed to happen, but I have found over many years in the public sector, that it often does.

A small contribution from all departments in this period is perfect for delivering business continuity training to staff members across the organisation.

Whilst it is important that BC managers should be trained to a high level of expertise, I think that those members of staff who are given the BC plan to develop or update should also be given some formal training to assist them. In my previous organisation, this training took the form of a two-day fundamentals course, delivered annually by an in-house trainer.

This approach resulted in a low cost, business continuity, continuous improvement model that proved successful in providing:

  • An affordable annual business continuity training for staff at all levels.
  • Significant cost savings on outside training.
  • Staff trained to a consistent standard.
  • Widespread promotion of organisations core values and objectives.
  • Continuous improvement and embedding of BC awareness within the organisation.
  • Identification of future experts in BC who understand the organisation and how it works.
  • A capability that can boost production or service delivery at little or no cost.
  • Continuous growth in organisation resilience.
  • Robust BC plans.

Senior and middle managers that attended the course found that it improved their knowledge and understanding of BC, helped them to give the correct level of support to staff that are tasked with developing their plan.

An in-house course of this type presents a low-cost option that will develop staff, build confidence and produce long term benefits for the organisation.


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