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Whether a sole trader or an SME, this book is for you. It provides an insight into Business Continuity, and instruction on how to create your own Business Continuity plan. It is impossible to plan for every disruptive scenario, however what can be planned for is the effect that a disruption has on your business. No one could have predicted the nerve agent attack at Salisbury in March 2018. However, we can predict the effects that a cordon, placed around such an incident by the emergency services will have on your business. This book will show you how to plan for those circumstances, and keep you trading during a disruption.Now available from Amazon Books, select the link for your copy. The shopkeepers Guide to Business Continuity

This book is full of ideas, tips and templates for use by anyone connected with introducing or refreshing a Business Continuity Programme within the Public Sector. It is not the only method, but one that works, and has attracted National, European and Global Business Continuity Awards.

Now available from Amazon Books, select the link for your copy. Business Continuity for the Public Sector